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Virtual Brewery Tour - Straub Beer - St. Marys PA 15857

Welcome to the Straub Brewery Virtual Tour. Follow tour guide Kristen Straub as she takes you through the brewery and shows you just how that "All Natural Brew From Atop The Alleghenies" is really made.



Sit Back and Relax!

  1. The Virtual Tour will run automatically, moving from screen to screen every few seconds.
  2. If you'd like to Pause the tour (maybe to refill your glass?) just click the Pause (||) button and click it again to Play when you're ready to go.


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Straub Brewery Tour: 01 Brewery
  • Straub Brewery Tour: 01 Brewery
    Welcome to the Virtual Tour Of Straub Brewery. My name is Kristen Straub and I will be your virtual tour guide today. If you would please follow me to where we begin our brewing process to start the tour.
  • Straub Brewery Tour: 02 Mash-tank
    Here is where the brewing process begins. This is our Mash Tub where we add our three main ingredients which are water, malted barley, and cornflakes.
  • Straub Brewery Tour: 03 Mash-in-out
    As we look into the Mash Tub we see the mashing of water, malted barley and corn flakes.
  • Straub Brewery Tour: 04 Mash-inside
    Here is a closer look at the ingredients being mixed together. The residence time in the mash tub is 3 to 5 1/2 hours until the liquid is drained from the Mash Tub through the Copper Grant, then onto the Brew Kettle.
  • Straub Brewery Tour: 05 Grant 01
    The liquid that is drained from the Mash Tub travels through the Copper Grant and the hops are added to the brew.
  • Straub Brewery Tour: 06 Grant 02
    Once the hops are added to the brew, it is transferred to the Brew Kettle for a two hour boil.
  • Straub Brewery Tour: 07-Tank-With-Copper
    What you are looking at here is our Brew Kettle. This kettle holds 160 barrels and heats to approximately 215 degrees. What is in the Brew Kettle is WORT- this is the brewer’s term for the extract that will become beer. Once it is cooled and has yeast added, it is called green beer.
  • Straub Brewery Tour: 08 Fermentation
    The brew is now ready to be cooled and have the yeast added. Yeast is injected into the WORT after it is cooled to approximately 56 degrees. This is the start of our 7 day fermenting cycle.
  • Straub Brewery Tour: 09 Cellar-aging
    After the seven day fermenting cycle the brew will then be transferred down into the cellar though a chiller which cools the beer to near freezing. The fermented beer will be held in storage for several days before primary filtration.
  • Straub Brewery Tour: 10 Filtering
    This is our beer filter where the beer is filtered to a brilliant clarity before filling bottles or kegs.
  • Straub Brewery Tour: 11 Racking-room 01
    Welcome to our racking room. This is where we fill all of our kegs at Straub Brewery. We have 3 different sizes of kegs: 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 keg. We can fill three kegs at a time.
  • Straub Brewery Tour: 12 Racking-room 02
    The white tap protectors on these kegs show us that the kegs are Straub Premium Beer. White is Straub Premium; Green is Straub Light. We will now move into the Bottle House so you can see how we fill our bottles.
  • Straub Brewery Tour: 13 Boxes 01
    Here at Straub Brewery, we bottle two different types of our golden beer: Straub Premium and Straub Light. The gold-colored boxes and labels show you that is our Straub Light.
  • Straub Brewery Tour: 14 Boxes 02
    We also have our Straub Premium which comes in two different color bottles, both the brown and the green. The red box is our Straub “Brownies”; the green box is our Straub “Greenies”.
  • Straub Brewery Tour: 15 Magnify-glass
    We also have two different types of bottles; both returnable and non-returnable. The returnable bottles are inspected two times to make sure there are no imperfections in any bottle we fill.
  • Straub Brewery Tour: 16 Filling
    Here you are seeing our Green, Non-Returnable 12 oz. bottle being filled. We fill approximately 130 bottles a minute. Once the bottles are filled and crowned, they will go into the pasteurizer.
  • Straub Brewery Tour: 17 Line 01
    Here you can see the Straub Light coming out of the pasteurizer and getting a label on both the neck and the body. This is where the bottles also will be date coded MM/DD/YY. This is our customer-friendly, easy-to-read code, thus the “Honestly Fresh” date.
  • Straub Brewery Tour: 18 Line 02
    Once the bottles are labeled and dated, they are ready to continue down the line and be packed into a case to be shipped out and consumed!
  • Straub Brewery Tour: 19 Warehouse
    We produce, on average, 2,000 cases a day. We recommend our bottled beer be consumed within 90 days of packaging for best flavor. Our draft beer is not pasteurized and must be kept cold. We also recommend it be consumed within 60 days for best flavor.
  • Straub Brewery Tour: 20 The-end
    Well, there you have it! The Straub Brewery Virtual Tour. We hope to see you soon for a real tour of our brewery and The Eternal Tap. Just click the link in the box to the left under Ready to visit the real Brewery? for more information about touring the Straub Brewery.

Straub Brewery Tour: 01 Brewery