Some Of Our Favorite Straub Bars In The Area:

“Boulder Bock’s rich malty flavor, balanced by the European-style hop character, is perfect for welcoming spring to north-central Pennsylvania, or wherever you call home.”

~ Straub Brewmaster Vince Assetta

Boulder Bock is offered in recognition of the countless trails, scenic views, hills, mountains, and natural formations located throughout the PA Wilds™ region. It speaks to the adventure seekers everywhere, who like to hike, climb, hunt, or simply find that certain kind of satisfaction from experiencing the natural prominence of the northern Pennsylvania wilderness.

Whether it’s Hyner Point, Denton Hill, Rim Rock, Jake’s Rock, Bilger’s Rock, Thunder Mountain Trail, Mount Tom, or the iconic Pine Creek Gorge of the PA Grand Canyon, Boulder Bock embodies the indomitable spirit of the PA Wilds™ and the millions of Fiercely Independent™ residents and tourists who enjoy it annually.

Brewed with a unique combination of German and American ingredients, this Maibock-style all-malt, pale-colored bock lager is a traditional spring release—”Mai” is German for May.

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