Some Of Our Favorite Straub Bars In The Area:

“Our Helles Highway is a classic beer with a straightforward flavor and taste that is certain to please a wide range of beer drinkers. Given our German-American heritage, this is always a beer we look forward to making each year.”

~ Straub Brewmaster Vince Assetta

Helles Highway is a revved-up salvo to the thousands of miles of highways and back roads in the storied PA Wilds™ region—like Wykoff Run Road and Quehanna Highway—that allow Fiercely Independent™ adventure seekers to experience the best life has to offer, one sip at a time.

First created in Munich in 1894, the Helles style is the session beer of traditional Bavarian beer gardens and takes its name from the German word for “pale,” which describes its straw-like color. Pouring a white foamy head, Helles Highway is subtle in flavor, with light malty notes balanced by spice-and-floral hop bitterness. The aroma has delicate malt notes, and light-spice-and-floral hop fragrance. The taste is crisp, refreshing, and well-balanced, with a clean finish.

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