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“Peter Straub Stellar Night is the great new name for our award-winning Dunkel. Every year when we make this beer I’m amazed how flavorful it is, yet it has such a drinkable quality. I’m looking forward to quite a few ‘Stellar Nights’ of drinking our Dunkel!”

~ Straub Brewmaster Vince Assetta

A Gold Medalist at the 2017 Best of Craft Beer Awards, Stellar Night is named in honor of the iconic starry skies of Cherry Springs State Park in Potter County where the Milky Way shines so bright it casts your shadow. The Travel Channel even declared this location in the PA Wilds™ to be the “best place on earth.”

Stellar Night is fashioned after the classic dark beers of Munich. The style—Dunkel—is German for “dark,” fitting both the famous dark skies of Cherry Springs and the craft beer’s amber-brown color. Flavorful, medium-bodied, and smooth, Stellar Night is highly drinkable with toasted-bread flavors, balanced by mild, German-hop bitterness.

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