Woodhicks and Bark Peelers


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Woodhicks and Bark Peelers is a brilliant photographic history that is not to be missed. The fabulous 19th century original photographs are rich with insight and context. Augmented with great storytelling, the images and text come together to create a beautifully haunting history of Pennsylvania’s railroad lumbering companies.”

―Char Miller, author of Printing the Past: Media, History and Photography


“What a glorious feast for the eye! William T. Clarke’s images remind us that nineteenth-century Pennsylvanians lived in a wooden world: the trees still standing, and those cut for homes, trestles, railroad ties, tools, and fuel, reveal how incredibly useful the state’s forests were, for those lives depended on them. Even better, Clarke makes this story human―the faces, poses, and clothing leap off the page, bringing a lost world back to life.”

―Char Miller, editor of Gifford Pinchot: Selected Writing


“Valuable historical documents, the images fascinate, also, through their depiction of the environment devastated by logging activity and of the strange locomotives and heavy machinery, iron dinosaurs in the forest landscape. . . . This volume will be of equal interest to readers exploring nineteenth-century photography, Pennsylvania history, the logging industry, or environmentalism.”

―starred review, Library Journal

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